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Love bomb them with your encouragement instead. Cancer The Devil. Are you embroiled in an unhealthy relationship? Addictions to lovers, wine, chocolate or self-doubt and insecurity. Yes, there may be a compelling affair, sexual liason or delicious obsession. Or the iced prosecco calling. Do you really want to be chained to these things?

Work out what is controlling you and free yourself, if you need to, get help and support. Do you feel lovable? Do you know you are a unique shard of the divine and utterly irreplaceable? Ironically the Devil card informs you that you can release yourself from these chains this week. You can step into empowerment and reclaim your strength. Cut away any thoughts that are negative and start a loving dialogue with yourself. Your tail is up this week! Griffins have the back legs of a lion, and the head of an eagle. They are noble and extremely protective of those they love, and most importantly, they are magical creatures that always sees the bigger picture.

Glorious Griffins are great at grabbing wealth and creating their own security, while also fiercely aware of the needs of others. Griffins mate for life and are very good at sharing while not taking any crap! Sound like anyone you know? No one can mess with your bebe if you have one, but equally no one can control you, as you stand in your magnificence.

You only accept those that respect your independence. This week is a turning point, look out for a chance to shift up and feel your Griffin power. Virgo 7 of Wands. Having fear of confrontation or rejection is often embedded from childhood wounds. Perhaps we owe it to our soul to open and be free from false fears and negative self-talk? You have the same rights to be heard as anyone else. Do you have a bossy friend or family member who likes to moan on about how things should be done?

Are they good at pointing the finger but never taking responsibility for their own cock-ups? You are determined to do what is right for you. Kind and loving being, you deserve to be heard. This might coincide with a desire to declutter, flog stuff on eBay, get fit and finally speak your mind. Do you feel lucky? A splurge of fabulous is raining down on you this week.

A desire, a longing or a cosmic order or wish you threw into the cosmos is about to come true. When you feel lovable the universe feels a sigh of relief because it is how things should be. Fingers crossed this week your scales are balanced and you have a moment of harmony within yourself. Laughter, loving and open-heartedness surround you. Your creative potential is unlimited so put your passion into action.

Scorpio 4 of Wands. Your home is calling out for attention. You might get an unexpected visitor popping around this week or a date night lead to yours. Your home is your temple, it is an outward reflection of your inner world. The brightest blessings are coming your way to bring you balance. Open your arms to a loving family member who is trying to support you, let your guard down and listen to what they have to say. Humans spend half the time assuming what others are going to say, think or do next and most of the time we are wrong! We all have our wounds and defences, let yours down now and head towards making your space a healing one.

If you have children, put the effort into doing their fav home things this week and you should be richly rewarded. Oh, and if you want to move there might be a breakthrough this week. Queen of Swords. Your ideas are sharp as an Ellen one-liner, and your soul is busy channelling excellent ideas. Use your brilliant mind to be one step ahead. Take time to smell the Sunflowers or if you are in the Northern Hemisphere, as it is winter, then gaze at the stars.

Not just that but Mars in your 6 th amounts to mistakes and even accidents if you rush. And the really big question which is: why am I doing this in the first place?

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As a result your focus or priorities may shift this week. Towards the freedom of just focussing on what you care about. You know who or what that is, Cancer. Your soul is calling out to you to explore a few new possibilities for yourself. Buy a ticket towards something big this week. In a nutshell: Taking some time out allows you to focus on what really matters, Cancer. Deep down you know what that is. Stop, reconnect and recommit to it this week. Fate and destiny have a massive role to play especially when it comes to lovers, children and your creativity this week, Leo.

Are you ready for a date with destiny? Fiery Mars is heating up your 5 th with passion and daring now. As a result, everything lightens up, work seems like play or you take steps to create work that feels that way! They just want to feel that heat, Leo. So radiate now! Passion now becomes more than just physical attraction. You crave connection on a soul level too.

A relationship transforms or the past could feature as Venus and then Mercury meet Neptune in your 8 th. You dive into new depths of understanding that is almost telepathic with your partner or attract one who just may be able to offer that to you.

The week ahead for taurus

You can be transported to a new realm of sensuality and connection or you can be wrapped up in delusion and obsession and not see things how they really are. Keep those boundaries Mars in place and then when you come back down to earth, the reality just may continue to be everything you hoped for. In a nutshell: Is it a dream or is it reality?

Chances are you can make reality live up to the dream or even better it now, Leo. Often destiny works in the background.

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Fate ensuring we went down a particular path. So, look beyond the obvious and probe below the surface this week. Mysterious tides form with the intention of ensuring that ultimately you end up exactly where you are supposed to be. This is not a week to drift with the current however. It is a time to take action based on what doors swing open and which ones are closed as Mars in your 4 th angles to the North Node in your 12 th.

Are these doors in your heart? Destiny may be taking a hand in partnership matters or any venture involving you and at least one other person now. Ruler Mercury meets Neptune for some spiritual communion in your 7 th on the 25 th. This is just four days after Venus who rules this house in your chart, also made a conjunction with Neptune. This same day 21 st saw Mercury align to Saturn in your romance zone.

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But if you are prepared to fall in love with the reality, rather than the idealised version of it, then this week could see you open new doors to loving — and being loved and understood. In a nutshell: Ready for real love? And by that I mean with a real perfectly imperfect person? This week fate pushes you down a path you were always destined to walk. Look forward to a surge of energy that sees you powering forward towards your goals now, Libra.

All thanks to Mars in your 3 rd trineing the North Node in your 11 th. But this is also about the Beauty of Letting Go. Of course it does and your transits this week are all about shedding what you no longer need — from bad habits, rut-creating routines and hamster-wheel jobs.

Letting go of anything from connections to excess weight sees you standing in your power now. News could arrive that impacts directly on where you are living or your long term work situation — or both. In a nutshell: Embrace the beauty of letting go. What is it you need to release? Do it confidently. Letting go of what you no longer need clears the way for what you do.

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This week could bring you recognition in some way, shape or form, Scorpio. Your sector of romance, attraction and yes, attention is lit up with some truly mystic aspects as Venus and Mercury both join with Neptune. Plus ancient ruler Mars, now in your 2 nd of money, assets and self-worth, makes a destiny-defining aspect to the spinning North Node in your 10 th of career, reputation and status. Take action and above all, ensure you are seen in the best possible light. This could be a week to shine and to receive attention for who you are and what you do. Whatever it is you do — ensure you do not stay home or lurk in the background.

You need to be seen now. And working that touch of old Hollywood glamour that surrounds you thanks to the Neptune conjunctions. You give off an aura of star quality plus you have the ability to weave compelling spells that draws people in, whether you are communicating a business idea or just flirting! Mars in your 2 nd sets you off in pursuit of money, and self-worth boosting success.

But this does not mean that you do not have to make the effort to attain it, or that it will necessarily fall into your lap. Venus and Mars square to each other providing you the ability to combine action and love. But this takes balance and effort. You have the strength and the ability now as Mercury and the Sun angle to Saturn giving you staying power and grounding your ideas with authenticity. Add to the mix Mars meeting asteroid Vesta on the 25 th and you can take ownership of your destiny — and the success that follows it now.

In a nutshell: Want to know the secret to attraction? This week offers you the answer: authenticity.

Sagittarius Weekly Astrology Forecast February 9th 2015 Michele Knight

The past two and a half years may have felt restrictive, Sag but they were also grounding and learning opportunities for you. By now you should have learned to work with what you have at your disposal right now. And have learned that the only way to conserve your resources is not to waste them. This applies to everything from your money to your time. With Mars now in your 1 st and Saturn in your 2 nd , you are now ready to apply all that you have learned and your new core strength to going after what really matters to you. The energy has now shifted and you should have first felt this around three weeks ago when Mars first arrived in your sign.

This week Mars trines the North Node in your 9 th of freedom, travel, adventure, learning and pretty well all things Sagittarian. Karma and your past could feature but from all this, a new future and perhaps fresh karma is being born. The deep side of life, your soul path, hidden meanings, your purpose, spiritual truths and the past.

Plus you have some soul-searching aspects in your 4 th of home, family and security this week as Venus and then Mercury meet with Neptune, the ruler of your 12 th in here. This is all about where you belong and who you belong with and to. A sense of place is all important now if you are to gain the freedom you know you seek. Deep down you know where you belong. And you have the inspiration and the determination to get there. Make it happen this week. In a nutshell: Restrictions fall away. You have all you need to strike out in a fresh direction now. Are you receiving me, over?

You may have divinely inspired ideas but it may appear only you can grasp them. Attempts to convey these to others may result in blank looks or else misinterpretation. So, what is causing both the inspiration and the confusion? You may have to repeat yourself to ensure you are understood and please, especially when it comes to love or business, ask for clarification from the other party if you are not certain of their meaning.

The other aspect of this transit is that you misinterpret something someone else has said when this was neither their meaning nor their intention. Clarify and communicate from the spirit this week. And to ensure you have been properly understood. You could be in the process of either finishing up some karma or creating some anew.

All the more reason to ensure the channels of communication are open and clear. If someone else has misrepresented something now is the time to tackle this. Let others be in no doubt as to what they are, Capricorn. Time to get clear — and ask for clarity in return.