Now that Jupiter is in Sagittarius, you look and feel lighter. In fact, you might notice that you're all smiles as the year begins.

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Jupiter will square Neptune on January 13, June 16, and September Neptune might lead you to be hopelessly unrealistic about a situation and that may, ultimately, lead to disappointment. When others can't fulfill your pedestal version of them and they remind you that they are only human after all, it can be quite disenchanting. The same might happen if you're working on a project that you have high hopes for.

Today's Capricorn Horoscope - Wednesday, October 9, 12222

If you're only working on faith and forget the brass tacks, the happy ending you're hoping for might never materialize. Fortunately, the universe will provide a simultaneous opportunity for you to ground all of this idealism into something real -- as long as you remember to keep your eyes open.

Neptune will make a supportive sextile to stabilizing Saturn on January 31, June 18, and again on November 8. This impossible dream you have doesn't have to be unattainable.

All you need to do is combine your vision with a solid plan. In other news, starts out with Uranus finishing up his trek through Aries for good. Until March 6 he'll travel through the last degree of this sign, reminding us how to use our sense of independent, pioneering spirit in a way that is liberating without being reckless.

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Once Uranus enters Taurus on March 6, he'll remain here through April The foundation of your life is bound to crack in some way in order to alert you to the fact that it's no longer serving as a solid base, but rather a suffocating boundary. Don't be afraid to reinvent yourself in terms of your values and your place in the material world. It's time.

Many will begin new career paths at the Solar Eclipse in Capricorn on January 5 which aligns perfectly to Saturn in Capricorn. The moon meets with Mercury at PM; lots of talk takes place!

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The moon enters grounded and realistic earth sign Capricorn at PM. The sun and dreamy planet Neptune connect at PM, encouraging us to listen to our intuition and to lean into our imaginations.

Sun enters Scorpio

The moon clashes with Mars at PM, so watch out for tempers. Mercury enters Capricorn at PM, encouraging straight forward communication. Communication planet Mercury enters your sign tonight, encouraging you to express yourself. Communication planet Mercury connects with your ruling planet Uranus today bringing very exciting news!

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A breakthrough idea is born. Your intuition also gets a big boost from Mercury entering Capricorn. Your ability to help others shines today. Mercury enters Capricorn encouraging you share your ideas.

A brilliant idea and a breakthrough in understanding arrives today. Dreams are coming true. Important conversations about career are on the way. A flash of insight helps you digest an emotionally charged issue today. The sun and dreamy Neptune connect, inspiring you to connect with friends and explore. Your ruling planet Mercury connects with brilliant Uranus today, and brilliant ideas are shared. Exciting meetings will take place! Serious topics come up for conversation later on as Mercury enters Capricorn.

Excitement—and a eureka moment—arrive in your career today!